Showdown Live

Live stream trivia game platform

/  iOS · Android · Responsive web
Our Contribution
  • Product strategy
  • Mobile app design
  • Web platform design
  • Brand identity
  • Motion design
  • Marketing support
  • 11 months
  • (March 2018 - February 2019)

Founders of Showdown cooperated with The Gradient to create the first of its kind live trivia game experience.

A combination of trivia games, live streaming, and real rewards from Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks quickly made the app popular among its audience. We designed a cross-platform experience that allowed users to play&host games using a mobile app and create games via a convenient web interface.

We also supported Showdown Live marketing activities before the launch and helped to optimize and grow the product after the successful first release.

“They have a highly skilled design team that understands the market.”
Mike Dawson, Founder of Eventstream

Live peer to peer experience

To ensure smooth communication between hosts and players we designed a single-screen live room experience, where players and hosts could interact, send reactions and likes, chat with each other, and of course, play trivia.

The gameplay interface for both host and player has been designed and structured as a timed step by step process with clear visualization of every step to eliminate delays and user mistakes during the game.

User engagement & retention

We approached user engagement from several perspectives: both players and hosts earn game points based on their results; leaderboards show their global position and progress among their friends; a set of gamification tricks keep users engaged during the whole gaming experience; and, finally, users can exchange their points for real-life rewards from Amazon, Apple, Target or Starbucks.

Exploration experience

The home screen represents a timeline with a mix of popular and new games aimed to help promote new hosts. Users can also search for a particular game or hashtag and explore a bunch of relevant games. In addition, players can explore popular replays of the games and play them at any convenient time.

Game creation studio

After designing and prototyping the game flow from a Host and Player perspective, we designed a Game design studio that enabled hosts to create and manage their games from a mobile device.

After a series of user interviews with hosts, we also designed a Game creation studio for the desktop web, so hosts can easily design their games using other websites and sources in their game creation process.

Other game options

After launching trivia games, we also explored ideas of running other games on the Showdown Live platform. For example, Whats the Song, where players need to guess the song after listening to a short snippet of the song. Another one was Lightning Speed where players are competing to see who will perform the action faster.We even explored the option of hosting live comedy battles on the platform.

Branding & marketing support

We created a brand identity for Showdown Live that would  reflect the company's mission to entertain and engage users. We also designed a set of branded digital materials to support all marketing activities from social media marketing to online advertisement.


The app was well-received by the market and showed stable growth right after the launch. Unfortunately, in 2019 the product was closed due to the funding issues.


Rating in App Store and Google Play


Live games per day in one month after the launch

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