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United Kingdom

Designing a new type of credit card experience

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Our Contribution
  • Product strategy
  • App design
  • Web platform design
  • Credit card design
  • Design system
  • Marketing support
  • 2016 - Ongoing

Jaja is committed to revolutionizing and simplifying the world of credit. Driven by the idea to build a digital and mobile-first credit card client asked us to help them bring their idea to life.

Over years of cooperation, we helped the client to grow the product from the early prototype into a product with unique credit card experience on the UK market.

Working together, we also extended the product into a white-label solution that is nowadays used by world-leading brands to bring credit card services to their customers.

“I've been very pleased with The Gradient's ability to challenge me.”
Kyrre Riksen, Co-founder @ Jaja Finance

Friendly chat based onboarding

Applying for a credit card usually requires filling an extensive form and lots of paperwork. We came up with a simple chat interface that feels like one seamless process and communicates with a user in a friendly and engaging way. Through a series of user testing, we validated our approach and got quite surprising results. Despite the fact that the standard step by step approach actually takes around 40 seconds less time to complete the application, most of the users admitted chat onboarding as a faster and more convenient way to apply.

Supercharging credit card

With the Norvegian DNA and mission to simplify things, our client was obsessed with simplicity. So we made the credit card experience feel as simple as possible. Like getting an instant credit with the immediate available virtual card right after onboarding, full visibility of all your transactions with intelligent notifications, customized tagging, and smart search to help you better manage your spending, as well as the ability to make repayments on the go and freeze or unfreeze your card instantly.

Physical card designs

We also created the design of the credit cards that extends brand experience into physical space. By combining nature-inspired patterns with the black glossy and matte finish we wanted to create a special feeling each time customers take the card to their hands.

“Their team works exceptionally hard. They live and breathe our brand and it really shows through their work.”
Guy Stradling, Head of Brand Experience, JaJa Finance Ltd.

Cross platform experience

After the successful piloting of mobile apps, we extended app experience into the web. As a result, customers can manage their cards through a familiar and consistent interface on any platform and on any device.

Token-based design system

Starting as a single iOS app, the product quickly grew into a cross-platform white label solution that allows other brands to launch their branded credit card experience.

To support the client's strategy, we built an extensive token-based design system that allows the client to customize the product for new brands in a couple of days across all platforms.

Marketing support

Additionally, we’ve provided ongoing support for the company’s brand and marketing activities throughout their journey from getting seed funding to Series A and Series B investments.



Total funding amount


Successful Seedrs investment campaign (£4.9M out of £3M)

500 000

Active customers

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