United Kingdom

Company formation and business services app for the UK market

Fintech, SaaS  
/  iOS · Android · Responsive Web
Our Contribution
  • Mobile app design
  • Web platform design
  • Design framework
  • 5 months
  • (March 2018 - July 2018)

Machfast partnered with The Gradient to redesign the service that would transform the processes of business formation on the UK market. During our cooperation, we came up with an immersive solution that puts the complex forms and applications far in the past.

Together with Machfast, we created a seamless conversational experience that enables customers to formate a company and open a current business account in minutes just by answering a couple of questions.

We also provided Machfast with a product marketing support before the product launch.

“Frankly they are one of the most perfectionist teams we have ever worked with.”
Michael Rossman, Founder at Machfast

Conversational experience

Chat bot experience provides a scalable framework for launching new flows and product features with low implementation costs in the future.

Moreover, the conversational interface we designed for Machfast reflects the main initial idea of the product — to avoid complex forms and to save time while setting up a business current account.

Web platform

We also scaled our design approach on the web by designing a web platform that allowed business owners to choose the utility provider and manage their utilities in an easy and simple way.

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