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Our Contribution
  • Process optimization
  • Front office design
  • Back office design
  • Mobile app design
  • 6 months
  • (May 2018 - October 2018)

Novalume works towards more innovative and greener lighting solutions for smart cities. The client cooperated with The Gradient to build an ecosystem of products to streamline the process of installation and maintenance of lighting systems in the cities.

During our partnership we rolled out several products that allow controlling what is happening in the city lighting system and streamline the lighting installation process in the cities.

It helped Novalume to scale from the business perspective and made setup and management processes more smooth and effective.

“I really enjoyed the way they worked together with the technical guys...”
Peter Selmer Gade, Technology manager at Novalume

Front office

Front office is created specifically for cities lighting departments, where they are able to manage city lighting in the most cost efficient way. Each lighting system group can be set up for a specific mode depending on the time of the day, aimed to minimize electricity consumption.

Back office

Together with Novalume, we came up with a map-based experience for admins that allows creating an installation plan, a direct task for lamp installation for city workers, and different lamp groups quick and easy. Each lamp performance, as well as any connection issues and drop-offs, are visualized in the form of alerts, right on the city map to streamline the maintenance process.

Map view

Map view is basically the easiest way to manage thousands of lamps in various locations. With the map view, the manager can see all installed maps across the city, region, and analyze their behavior, temperature, signal levels, and activity statuses.

Console view

For edge cases, we designed a special console that allows direct communication with the selected lamp using ZigBee protocol. For ease of usage, we added a list of all available commands so the admin won’t need to use lamp documentation each time they want to check lamp status or upload new firmware.

Mobile Application

We also designed a specific Android application for city workers that helps to manage and track lamp installation and maintenance tasks. Moreover, we came up with an idea of using unique QR codes for each lamp installation that helped speed up lamp setup time.


5 cities

Across the world using Novalume Lumintel system


Average annual electricity consumption reduction

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