Redesign of an AI-powered email marketing automation tool

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Our Contribution
  • UX strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Onboarding optimization
  • Video tutorials
  • 5 months
  • (June 2017 - October 2017)

Triggmine partnered with The Gradient to design the whole new product strategy and user experience for email-marketing automation service.

Having analyzed users' feedback and session recordings of the existing product, we put complex AI algorithms and complicated manual functionalities into a “one-button” concept. We decided to cover the complicated functionality with a lightweight design to avoid typical problems of marketing tools complexity and put all of the complexity for the user under the hood.

Finally, a new design concept has defined the new visual strategy of the updated product, so we also updated the brand identity and helped Triggmine to set up the initial product marketing strategy before the launch.

“Their team was well-rounded, communicative, and dedicated to the project from the beginning.”
Tonya Makarenko, Marketing Manager at TriggMine

Setup at your convenience

Triggmine’s initial onboarding and setup processes were very complicated and many customers dropped off before even trying the product. With our new approach, we allowed users to skip onboarding and setup for later and try the product right away. Later, users could complete the setup with the help of Setup Wizard.

Intuitive campaign editor

We also helped Triggmine to enhance the setup process for a trigger-based campaigns. User testing confirmed that representing trigger conditions in the form of sentences helps customers set up campaigns in a more natural and accurate way.

Autopilot mode

Triggmine developed a unique AI algorithm that analyzed and provided each customer with tailored campaigns based on selected discount strategy. We removed all the complexity for the user and created a simple switcher that automatically turns on all of the necessary settings and algorithms based on customer data.

Extensive reports

We've designed a comprehensive analytical dashboard that allows business owners to track campaign performance and know exactly how much money they earn from every single email.



Conversion rate increase


Big Commerce and Magento extension rating

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