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  • 2022 - ongoing

Lumiere is a video intelligence platform that helps to better understand audiences and users and unlock the true power of content.  Lumiere is created by Latitude, one of the leading insights providers for digital content companies and content creators that helps to better understand and engage their audiences. Latitude works with brands such as HBO, Disney, Microsoft, CondeNast, Time Warner, ESPN, Viacom, etc.

The client came to us with an idea to scale their internal software for gathering insights from videos into a SaaS product. As a result of our cooperation, we helped expand the platform’s capabilities beyond just audience research. We designed a new video platform for powerful interactive storytelling and a new way for creators to engage with their audience.

They create refined, thoughtful design systems that make our development so much easier
Chris Simpkins, Chief Product Architect

Customized video interactions

Video content conveys emotions, stories, and experiences that Lumiere helps to capture and analyze. Our goal was to design an easy and fun process of setting up the process of capturing that video intelligence and removing any frictions.

With ‘what you see is what you get’ approach, we allow users to instantly see how the interaction process with the video will look like for the viewers.

Engaging feedback experience

What would a great experience of providing a feedback for participants look like? It should be fun, easy, clear, and engaging. That is why we designed different options for collecting opinions, reviews and suggestions in a variety of ways – with questions, ratings, emojis, comments, and more.

We made the feedback process fun and engaging, to reward the participants with great experience rather than annoy with interruptions.

But we are looking for insights that are not only about What but also Why. That is why with the help of intergation with AI, we can uncover deeper insights from feedbacks by asking additional questions about their answers or choices.

Turning data into insights

Lumiere uses content analysis and natural language processing to uncover key insights in real-time. We designed a dashboard with the goal to make complex information accessible and actionable.

With AI generated summaries of what viewers are doing or saying, data on viewer reactions and video performance - personalized dashboards tell a clear, compelling story.

Try the platform

Lumiere is in a beta testing version now, and you can already test the video player. The app is planned for release in mid of 2024.

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